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Make Your School or Daycare Facility a Safe Environment for Children

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If your business involves children on the premises, you know that safety is a huge factor in planning and design. Preschools, daycare facilities and private schools are especially sensitive to the potential dangers to children and mitigating the possibility of injury is extremely important. In addition to normal public safety standards, where children are present, extra care must be taken to ensure their complete safety. BB Commercial Solutions® (BBCS) is dedicated to helping you create the safest environment possible for your business.

Cordless window coverings and locking cabinets keep children safe and secure in a classroom setting
Cordless window coverings and locking cabinets keep children safe and secure in a classroom setting

Safety issues in child care facilities
Although not a physical facilities’ issue, an obvious first line of safety for children is having appropriate adult supervision. Young children should always be in view of teachers or caregivers. Following are some additional concerns, many which can be directly alleviated with space, storage and organization solutions from BBCS.

• Accidental poisoning from medicines and cleaning and sanitizing products
• Cluttered play areas create tripping hazards
• Age-inappropriate toys can become choking hazards
• Damaged toys can cause injury with sharp edges or exposed mechanisms
• Old carpeting and dirty floors can harbor allergens, bacteria and disease
• Exposed electrical cords, wires or cords on window treatments are a potential danger
• Art supplies like glue, paint, scissors and staplers can cause injury in the wrong hands
• Adult-sized furniture, sinks and cabinets can contribute to falls

Custom cabinets accommodate tall and short people, giving little ones a safe alternative
Custom cabinets accommodate tall and short people, giving little ones a safe alternative

Custom cabinetry
BBCS can help maximize the effectiveness of your space with custom cabinets and workstations so that your reception area, offices and classrooms have exactly what they need, with safety built in.

• Classrooms can have custom cabinets and countertops at kid-level, with overhead cabinets for adult use only.
• Low-level shelves keep books, art supplies and toys easily reachable so children can find what they want and also be able to put things away.
• Locking cabinets will keep children from accessing anything potentially harmful, including hand sanitizer which can cause alcohol poisoning in children due to its 60% ethyl alcohol content. (American Association of Poison Control Centers)
• Individual “locker room” storage can help older students maintain all their possessions and avoid a growing lost-and-found department.
• BBCS has a wide range of colors, styles and finishes for custom cabinetry so you can create any look you want or seamlessly add to existing components in your business.

For students or employees, individual storage makes every day more efficient
For students or employees, individual storage makes every day more efficient

Low-maintenance, industrial-strength floors
Flooring is especially important if your school or daycare caters to little “rug rats” that spend most of the day on the floor. They sit on the floor, nap on blankets, eat snacks sitting on the floor and continually touch the floor in the course of play. You need a flooring surface that is safe and easy to keep clean. Unlike carpet, which can hold on to dirt, allergens, and residue from cleaning solutions, a BBCS PremierOne® epoxy floor coating stays clean with just a dust mop or damp mop. The seamless, industry-tough surface resists spills, stains and dust buildup and is warrantied against chipping, peeling or fading. Use area rugs that can be laundered to define play areas, a reading circle or wherever a touch of softness is required.

Classrooms stay cleaner and kids breathe easier with low-maintenance PremierOne epoxy floors
Classrooms stay cleaner and kids breathe easier with low-maintenance PremierOne epoxy floors

Our epoxy floor coatings come in five distinctive PremierOne styles: Decorative Texture, Solids, Stone, Elements and Stratus. Each style has unique appearance features, and all have the same durability and functionality you can’t get anywhere else. Any of the styles are useful for your commercial flooring needs from warehouse space to lunchrooms to elegant office space.

Floor Coating Options

• Withstands heat, cold and wet or dry weather conditions for year round efficiency
• Warrantied against chipping, peeling, fading or stains
• Cleanup is a breeze; nothing sticks to the surface so spills can be easily wiped up
• Free of volatile organic compounds (VOC) makes it safe for you and the environment
• Reduces the buildup of allergens, dust and dirt that cling to other types of flooring

This decorative texture epoxy floor coating is ideal for hallways, offices, general areas and classrooms
This decorative texture epoxy floor coating is ideal for hallways, offices, general areas and classrooms

Cordless window treatments ensure safety
Wherever children are, you should not have dangling cords, exposed electrical cords or anything that could end up around the neck. Even jump ropes, ribbon wands and scarves should be used with adult supervision with small children. They are completely unaware of the dangers of misuse of these types of things, and every year children die from strangulation accidents from ordinary, everyday items.

Cordless window coverings are one way to ensure safety in a classroom, and BBCS offers almost unlimited options for cordless window treatments, including window blinds, solar shades, graphic shades and shutters. Whether you have small windows or a wall of windows, cordless operation is available, providing safe and efficient light control and privacy. Additionally, window coverings increase energy efficiency in all kinds of weather, by blocking heat gain in summer as well as helping to maintain a comfortable inside temperature when it’s cold outside. Different styles of window treatments offer varying degrees of energy efficiency and your local BBCS consultant can help you determine what is best for your specific needs.

Motorization is a cordless option for window coverings as well as the ultimate convenience for hard-to-reach windows. No need to reach across desks or countertops to adjust the blinds or shades, one-touch remote control makes it easy to adjust the window coverings as needed throughout the day.

Cordless roller shades provide important privacy as well as protection from the sun during the hottest hours of the day, keeping this library comfortable
Cordless roller shades provide important privacy as well as protection from the sun during the hottest hours of the day, keeping this library comfortable

BBCS can help you assess the safety issues in your preschool or daycare and custom design solutions that will make all your facilities safe and highly efficient, from the windows to the floors and all the storage and organization needs in between. Go to or call (866) 279-3253 to schedule an onsite appointment. We come to you with solutions you’ll love, and you’re assured of consistent quality and design for one or multiple locations with our over 1,200 BBCS trained professionals all across North America.

Six Commercial Window Treatments That Will Save You Money

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Are you tired of paying so much money when it comes to your business’s energy bills? As a business owner, it is important to save money wherever you can. The U.S. Department of Energy states that heat gain and loss can be reduced by 25% with energy-efficient window treatments. Having window coverings will not only help you save money, but they will benefit you by improving the workplace. You will be able to protect your employees, customers and clients from unwanted sun glare and heat. It will also protect your furniture and artwork. BB Commercial Solutions® (BBCS) offers you six styles of commercial window coverings that will help you save on your next energy bill:

1. Cellular Shades 

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are the ideal window treatment to help improve your bottom line and improve on energy spending. They are designed with “honeycomb-shaped pockets” which keep your business insulated and at a comfortable temperature. They help you control light and provide privacy.

2. Solar Shades 

Solar Shades

Solar shades, including Phifer’s SheerWeave®, block 99% of harmful UV rays. They block heat gain and glare, making them one of the best treatments to decrease your energy bill. They come in a variety of fabrics, weaves and colors to match your business’s décor.

3. Roller Shades 

Roller Shades

Roller shades are extremely popular in the business industry because they are easy to use and come in a wide range of colors, fabrics and textures. Available in a variety of light-filtering opacities, blackout shades are the ultimate to keep each room cooler.

4. Graphic Shades 

Graphic Shades

Graphic shades are a two-for-one window treatment because they work similar to a roller shade by being energy efficient, but they also allow you to communicate a message to your audience with a logo, mission statement or an inspirational quote.

5. Shutters 


BBCS Commercial Solutions’’ shutters come in an assortment of colors and can be real or faux wood. Shutters are a great option to save money because of their insulating design. Another reason why shutters are energy saving is they can be custom-fit to your window frame, making it harder for the heat to enter the room in summer or for the heat to escape during the winter.

6. Window Film and Tinting 

Window Film and Tinting

Window film and tinted window film quickly deliver an impressive return on investment by cutting energy costs and blocking harmful UV rays. Tinted window film provides your business with privacy and helps protect your business from theft.

Add Motorization 



Add more to your business with motorization. It provides you even more savings because it effortlessly protects your business from the sun’s heat and glare. Motorization is available with almost all our BBCS products. Motorization provides your business with multiple benefits such as automation, UV protection, security and safety. Automation allows a business the ability to set the window treatments on timers to open and close at desired times of the day, or on sensors that automatically respond to temperatures. Window coverings can automatically be lowered when the sun starts shining through your windows. Motorization provides extra security by the automation system closing the blinds in the evening, protecting your store from prying eyes. Lastly, motorization provides a safe environment for children because of its cordless design.

How BBCS Can Help Your Business 

As North America’s leader in commercial window coverings, BB Commercial Solutions wants to help you save money with your new window coverings so your company can make more important investments. At BBCS, we consider energy savings a top priority for our customers’ businesses. We want you to make the best decision when it comes to your business. BBCS is your national one-stop shop for energy-saving window treatments throughout the U.S. and Canada. Call (866) 279-3253 today to talk with a BB Commercial Solutions professional about which window covering is the best solution for energy savings.

*BBCS products vary in their energy efficiency, anti-microbial, fire retardant and green make-up. Inquire with your BBCS consultant for more information.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring to Enhance Your Business and Your Bottom Line

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BB Commercial Solutions™ (BBCS) is dedicated to assisting every business with high-quality products, including cabinetry, closets, window coverings and flooring solutions to help make your business the absolute best it can be. Whether you have one location or a hundred, BBCS professionals can help design the perfect floors for all your commercial needs.

Since the literal foundation of any business is its flooring, BBCS is proud to offer the toughest commercial-grade epoxy floor coatings available. Developed by Sika®, the industry leader in industrial floor coating systems for over 110 years, our exclusive PremierOne® hybrid polymer blends are the perfect solution for anything from warehouse to penthouse, with custom styles for every taste and every industry.

Modernize and upgrade office space with PremierOne floor coatings
Modernize and upgrade office space with PremierOne floor coatings that will give years of worry-free performance

Benefits for any business
BBCS’s PremierOne commercial epoxy floor coatings can improve the floors for any industry, including restaurants, hospitality, healthcare, schools, office and government buildings, condos, retail, property management and new construction. You can trust our floors to deliver beauty, durability, functionality and benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

• Withstands heat, cold and wet and dry conditions
• Warrantied against chipping, peeling, fading or stains
• Dries twice as hard as other epoxy floor coatings
• Resistant to chemicals and food and drink spills; wipes up clean with a cloth, towel or damp mop
• No strong cleaners; periodically deep clean with a mild, neutral cleanser like Simple Green
• Free of volatile organic compounds (VOC), creating a safe environment
• Reduces the buildup of allergens, dust and dirt that can cling to other flooring materials
• No need to replace every few years, an occasional resealing will keep your floors like new

Childcare centers and schools can provide more allergen-free spaces for children with easy-care, PremierOne Solids floor coatings. The sealed surface leaves no place for dust and dirt to hide, creating a healthier environment. Lunchtime and arts and crafts are no problem for this wipe-clean surface.

Custom colored floors can create excitement or serenity
Custom colored floors can create excitement or serenity, whichever you decide

This retail auto parts store will stay immaculate despite greasy parts, fluids dripped on the floor and work boots tracking in dirt and oil. The decorative textures floor will not absorb stains and will wipe clean with just a cloth or damp mop. Custom BBCS storage cabinets complete the efficiency of this business and present a high-quality, professional appearance.

Beautiful and durable, PremierOne epoxy floor coatings keep your business in tip-top shape
Beautiful and durable, PremierOne epoxy floor coatings keep your business in tip-top shape

Style for every taste
Available in five different styles, our PremierOne floor coatings range from neutral, solid color options to the brilliance of Elements or the artistic flair of Stratus. You can customize any floor with different color borders or integrated designs, as well as embedding images or logos to highlight your brand. Choose:

PremierOne® Decorative Textures dries to a smooth, glossy finish with decorative color chips that add a slight texture and anti-slip quality to the surface. Get showroom quality in 18 standard color blends with large (1/4”) or small (1/8”) chips, or customize a color blend for a unique presentation.
PremierOne® Solids is the perfect choice for a seamless, uninterrupted expanse of color for your floors. It comes in six neutral shades that can coordinate with any décor, as well as match with any of the BB Commercial Solutions custom storage cabinet finishes.
PremierOne® Stone is an ideal solution if you prefer the look of natural granite, but not the cost. 1/4” chips produce the textured, natural stone appearance of granite, available in six standard colors with the option of custom color blends.
PremierOne® Elements is also a natural-stone look, but with a crystalline shine due to the mica content of real stone chips. This floor coating contains 1/4” chips of actual shaved rock fragments with a natural sparkle for a brilliant floor that will never lose its luster.
PremierOne® Stratus flooring is unique, created from a mix of two or more colors of marbleized epoxy floor coating swirled together at install to create a one-of-a-kind abstract design. The satin-finish looks like molten metal with three-dimensional depths of color, giving an opulent appearance.


PremierOne commercial floor coatings can save you money
Part of keeping a healthy bottom line is reducing costs, including facilities maintenance and renovation. BBCS knows the importance of flooring for functionality and beautification, as well as saving money. Flooring is a big expense, and whether you have a retail establishment with hundreds of people on your floors every day, an office building with light foot traffic, or a multi-unit housing complex, you want attractive, durable floors that enhance your business but don’t require expensive maintenance or frequent replacement.

• Apartment and condo owners can save themselves lots of headaches and expense with durable PremierOne epoxy floors. For individual units or public areas like rec rooms, there’s no need to replace floor coverings every few years.
• Keeping any food service business clean and safe for customers is a challenge, and an industry-tough epoxy floor is the answer for the kitchen as well as the dining room. PremierOne floors are practically indestructible, resisting stains, spills, chips, cracks, peeling and fading, so your floors will stay beautiful for years with minimal care.
• Updating business décor can be ignored until you suddenly realize you’ve been staring at the same coffee stains on stretched and lumpy carpeting for years. Give yourself and your employees a positive lift with stylish PremierOne floors that reflect beauty and style.
• Maintenance costs go down; floors are easy care and resist mold, mildew and bacteria growth, keeping your facility cleaner. Even your accountant will smile.

This decorative texture custom color blend epoxy floor creates a dramatic impact
This decorative texture custom color blend epoxy floor creates a dramatic impact in this trendy restaurant

Make the move to quality, durable flooring that will enhance your business and improve your bottom line. Learn more about how BB Commercial Solutions can help with facilities management, including storage needs, office setups, organization and flooring. Go to at or call (866) 279-3253 to schedule an onsite appointment. We come to you with solutions you’ll love, and with our BBCS trained professionals all across North America, you’re assured of consistent quality and design for one or multiple locations.

Don’t Be the Next Victim

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Graffiti is a cultural phenomenon that has been a major issue for trains and city property for decades, but lately the newest targets have been businesses and schools. Windows are being tagged using etching tools, paint and permanent markers which can be impossible to remove without replacing the windows. Such vandalism causes even more issues for a business, including filing insurance claims, additional expense and time lost from work. Managers, commercial property owners and business owners can all be victims of graffiti so it is important, as a business owner, to take precautions to prevent such vandalism before it happens.

BB Commercial Solutions (BBCS) has two options to guard your business from future graffiti damage.

• 3M anti-graffiti window film
• 3M security window film

Protect your business from unwanted graffiti
Protect your business from unwanted graffiti with anti-graffiti window film

Anti-graffiti Window Film
Anti-graffiti window film is one way to prevent your business from being a victim of graffiti. It is designed as a thick, clear film that is applied onto the exterior of the glass to guard against the impact of graffiti, tagging and scratches. It is available in single layer or multiple layers for additional protection. Anti-graffiti window film is offered in clear tints, one-way mirror films, daytime privacy films, decorative window films and graduated opacity to complete block-out film.

Anti-graffiti window film has many benefits for your business other than just protecting your windows. First, it will help with making a good first impression on customers. It will look nice and they won’t even notice you have protection on the windows. If you become a victim of graffiti, the film is very easy to peel off before you open the doors so your customers won’t have to see the graffiti. This can help when it comes to sales because customers will feel safe in your store and be more willing to spend their time and money there. Lastly, having anti-graffiti window film will help save you money. You won’t have to worry about replacing your windows or mirrors which can cost thousands of dollars if you have to replace them repeatedly. Because once you are a victim of vandalism, chances are you will tend to be a future target.

Anti-graffiti has multiple layers to protect your window
Anti-graffiti has multiple layers to protect your window surface

Security Window Film
Another way to protect your business from any window damage is security window film. Security window film was designed with a three-fold purpose: provide UV protection, maintain a more comfortable environment with less use of air conditioning, and containment of dangerous glass shards in the event of a window implosion. Security window film helps in case of window-shattering natural disasters by containing the broken glass pieces within the film to prevent additional damage or injuries. Security window film protects your business and offers multiple benefits including:

• Diffusing the sunlight to keep customers cool and content
• Preventing higher cost energy bills
• Protecting your customers, property and merchandise from natural disasters and damaging UV rays

Security window film helps keep glass together
Security window film helps keep glass together if there is a natural disaster or an accident

BB Commercial Solutions guards all businesses such as retail stores, public facilities, office buildings and street-level glass applications with anti-graffiti and security window films. Our goal is to protect you from expensive damage and make sure you take every precaution when it comes to your business safety.

Find out which window film options work best for your commercial needs by completing the inquiry form online at or call (866) 279-3253. BBCS also offers a full line of window coverings for business, including blinds, shades, shutters and drapery, to enhance any commercial enterprise, large or small.

Enhance Your Business with Graphic Roller Shades

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Decision making can be difficult when it comes to owning a business. From picking the perfect location to the right paint color, it is important for you to make choices that will benefit your business. When it comes to commercial window coverings, it might seem like a simple choice to make but, in all honesty, choosing the right window treatments can actually enhance your business.

Enhance your business with custom graphic roller shades
Enhance your business with custom graphic roller shades

Enhance Your Brand
The best commercial window covering to enhance your image is a graphic roller shade. Graphic roller shades are an easy way to promote brand awareness by printing photos of your product in action, your logo, or brand messaging, directly on to your window shade. Graphic roller shades allow you to have total control of your message to your audience. They are an ideal choice if you want custom shades that will be unique to your business. Graphic shades are high-quality and can be custom color matched to ensure that your logo meets your brand standards, and that messaging is sharp and easy for your audience to see. They will allow for an eye-catching uniform look for your business. This in return expands your brand awareness by incorporating your graphic roller shade as a business strategy.

Graphic roller shades are not only limited to retail businesses, they will also work for schools, libraries, government institutions, and restaurant industries. Graphic roller shades can support any restaurant by blocking the sun’s glare for your customers inside as well as entice customers to come in by featuring delectable menu items on the shade. No matter what type of business you have, graphic roller shades can send a message for brand recognition to customers with a logo, or touch hearts and minds with an inspirational message. Since your graphic roller shades will act like another piece of advertising, they can help businesses cut back on the costs of other advertising materials. If there is a limit on the amount of signage you can have in your store front area, graphic roller shades can double-up as a window treatment and a street-view marketing communication that will benefit your business.

The more you have your logo or messaging visible to the customer, the more it will help them with brand recognition. Whether you have one or two locations or even a chain of locations, BB Commercial Solutions (BBCS) services are widely available throughout the United States and Canada, helping to keep all your establishments looking uniform and protecting your brand with consistency.

Graphic shades with your logo and inspirational quotes can help inspire
Graphic shades with your logo and inspirational quotes can help inspire and motivate your patrons

More Benefits of Graphic Roller Shades
Graphic roller shades are a popular type of window covering that will help benefit your business in multiple ways. Roller shades are low-maintenance and easy to take care of which is less work for the business owner. Also, they are customizable and can be made to fit any size or shaped window. It’s not unusual for commercial buildings to have extremely large or hard-to-reach windows, and your graphic shades can easily be motorized for the ultimate in convenience. Motorization provides the safety factor of cordless operation if there will be children visiting your establishment.

Another great benefit of graphic roller shades is they allow you to save on energy expenses because they block solar heat gain which benefits the owner and the customers. The shades will keep your customers more comfortable, preventing them from becoming too hot or too cold, and owners can save up to 30%* in energy costs. Roller shades help protect your merchandise, furnishings and customers, making everyone happy. Additionally, BBCS offers graphic roller shades that are fire retardant or antimicrobial which will keep your business up to par with government safety standards.

Graphic roller shades can help promote your business
No matter what type of industry, graphic roller shades can help promote your business

Enhance Your Business Today
Graphic shades can be used for any commercial industry from restaurant to hospitality to hotels to healthcare to schools, government, office and condo and retail. Let BBCS, the North American leader in commercial window coverings, help you enhance your business today. Call (866) 279-3253 or visit

*BBCS products vary in their energy efficiency. Ask your Consultant for more details.

The Benefits of Spending Your Year-End Budget on New Window Coverings

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Do you need to spend the rest of your facilities, maintenance or department budget before the end of year but are not sure how to spend it to get the most bang for your buck? Investing in new commercial window treatments is a wise and relatively inexpensive investment for many reasons. The last thing you want to do is throw money out the window on items that are not useful or cost-effective in the long run. Read on to learn how throwing money at your windows with new window coverings is the smart choice for how to spend your remaining budget and cut business costs year round.

Commercial Window Covering Solutions that Make Dollars Make Sense
Energy efficiency is the #1 concern for businesses. Windows are a major cause of high energy costs in buildings. Commercial window coverings, including blinds, shades, shutters and drapes, can help lower energy costs up to 30%*. By blocking out UV rays and helping to keep indoor temperatures more consistent, you will save on heating and cooling costs. Window shades also increase privacy and deter theft, which is another costly expense for business owners. BB Commercial Solutions (BBCS) is uniquely attuned to the window covering needs of all commercial businesses, including government buildings and institutions of all sizes. Consult with a BBCS commercial window coverings consultant to learn more about the following window treatment solutions and how our national footprint allows us to get volume pricing from leading manufactures to meet your specific budgetary needs.

Smart business owners use window coverings to reduce their energy costs
Smart business owners use window coverings to reduce their energy costs.

Motorized Shades
Motorized blinds and shades ensure the most efficient and effortless protection from the sun’s heat and glare. BBCS offers businesses extremely customizable motorized window coverings that can be integrated with your existing control system to provide optimal sun control and convenience by not having to adjust your window coverings manually. Motorized window shades are an ideal solution for hard-to-reach windows, floor-to-ceiling windows, and for buildings where children are present since the cordless operation makes them child-safe. Automated shades also help evenly align shades for added curb appeal and businesses that have our motorized solar shades typically save up to 30% on their energy costs.

Motorized window shades control lighting
Motorized window shades control lighting throughout the day with a push of a button.

Solar Shades
BBCS offers a full line of solar shades for commercial use. Solar shades are one of the most attractive window coverings for businesses. They provide your building with beautiful natural light and a striking design statement, as well as block 90% of harmful UV rays and protect your office furnishings, décor, and merchandise from fading. Solar shades also increase employee productivity, reducing excess heat and unwanted glare and enhance your customers’ experience, as well as being one of the best products to control energy costs. They are also flame retardant, antimicrobial and a certified green, eco-friendly product that helps to lower emissions by creating a more comfortable environment without the use of heating and cooling systems.

Motorized solar shades save energy
Motorized solar shades save energy and keep large banks of windows in perfect alignment.

Graphic Shades
Not only can window shades reduce your energy costs, graphic window shades can add style and ambiance to your business, and decrease your marketing expenses! BBCS offers graphic window shades, where using the latest state-of-the-art printing technology, we can print your logo, photos, and other images of your choice directly onto a window shade. Graphic roller shades strengthen brand identification and can be used as an additional advertising method to get your business noticed – which is especially beneficial in locations that have strict signage restrictions. Our services are widely available throughout the United States and Canada, so companies can create identical communications across all of their North American locations.

Graphic shades increase brand awareness
Graphic shades increase brand awareness while protecting patrons from heat and glare.

Professional Consultation, Measuring and Installation Services
BBCS is the North American leader in commercial window coverings. We are able to offer all of your locations consistent, high-quality products at the best value. Our full service includes total management of your project from start to finish, including measuring, installation and best warranty in the industry. Let us help make your next project as hassle-free as possible by including us in your “Invitation To Bid” for any upcoming projects or complete our inquiry form online at or call (866) 279-3253. While the industries we serve may differ, from Restaurant to Hospitality to Hotels to Healthcare to Schools, Governments, Office and Condo and Retail, we share the same goal of making your business as welcoming, comfortable, safe and profitable as possible.

*BBCS products vary in their energy efficiency. Ask your Consultant for more details.

Child-Safe Stylish Window Treatments Are Top-of-Mind this October

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Every year in October, National Window Covering Safety Month raises awareness of the potential hazards of corded window coverings to small children. Co-sponsored by The Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), parents are especially cautioned to check their window treatments for exposed or dangling cords that could pose a strangulation threat. Business owners should heed the same caution too, as statistics show that an average of one child a month dies from window cord strangulation, which is very preventable death. BB Commercial Solutions is proud to offer a full range of window coverings that meet or exceed the standards set by the American National Standard for Safety of Corded Window Products, and the “Best for Kids” program of the WCSC.

At BBCS, we continually work with our manufacturing partners to find ways to improve safety features in all our window treatments so your business will receive not only high-quality products that will enhance your buildings, but also provide a child-safe environment for your occupants, consumers, and patrons.

Child safety has always been a top priority for BB Commercial Solutions
Child safety has always been a top priority for BB Commercial Solutions. Our goal is to help educate business owners on products, options, and features to keep their facilities safe while still enjoying stylish window treatments.

Cordless Window Coverings for Any Industry  

Thanks to the wide variety of cordless window coverings available, businesses can have both safe and stylish window fashions for every window in their establishment. BBCS provides on-site consultation services so you will be able to see style and color samples to easily choose from, and our consultants can assist you on all the safety options that are available.

• Roller shades and solar shades are the most versatile of all window coverings. And, they are the most popular among business owners due to their clean, modern look and their ability to achieve the right balance of light, privacy, and energy savings. Window shades are available in cordless lift systems or can easily be motorized for added convenience. Roller shades and solar shades are ideal window coverings for venues where children and pets are present.

Roller shades and solar shades are a stylish and child-safe
Roller shades and solar shades are a stylish and child-safe window covering solutions for any type of business.
• Shutters are inherently cordless window coverings by design, and offer classic, timeless elegance that is always in style. Shutters are available in real hardwood, composite, vinyl, and even aluminum, which is perfect for outdoor patios in restaurants or for condominiums and office buildings. Shutters are highly customizable and can be designed to fit arched, round, and other uniquely shaped windows. Popular shutter style options for businesses include Plantation shutters and Café shutters. Color options include various shades of white and natural wood, and shutters can even be custom color matched to complement any furnishings.
Aluminum shutters provide stylish, weather-resistant, and kid friendly décor
Aluminum shutters provide stylish, weather-resistant, and kid friendly décor for builders and restaurant owners.
• Blinds can be cordless with motorization, wand-control operation of louvers, or have cordless lift control systems, all which eliminate dangerous dangling cords. Window blinds come in real wood, faux wood, composite, vinyl, aluminum, and fabric options. Your choice of colors is unlimited, from a variety of whites and neutrals to natural wood grains and smooth or textured finishes. Fabric blinds offer light-filtering properties, with various levels of opacity and myriad colors available. Blinds can be further customized with decorative tapes, valances, cornice boxes and layered with curtains or drapes for a sophisticated look, depending on your establishment.
BBCS offers motorized remote control systems
BBCS offers motorized remote control systems that can be implemented in any type of traditional window treatment to keep establishments safe for children.

Making Businesses Safer Establishments

National Window Covering Safety Month is a good time to evaluate your window coverings and assess if they present any risk to consumers, employees and patrons. Schedule a free on-site consultation to talk to your BBCS consultant about replacing older shades and blinds that do not meet current safety standards. Consultants can also assist you with ways to secure cords on existing blinds or shades with child-safe retrofit kits. Here are some important things you can do to make your business a safer place:

• Be sure continuous-loop cords are firmly secured to the wall or floor to prevent a child or pet from becoming entangled.
• Wand control for blinds or drapes is an alternative to dangling cords.
• Keep all cords as short as possible, out of a child’s reach
• Use cordless blinds or shades if children are able to reach the window.
• Spring-assisted clutches can be installed to raise and lower window coverings, replacing cords.
• Break-away tassels are designed to break apart under minimal stress to prevent entanglement.
• Cord stops restrict how far internal ladder cords can be pulled from a blind or shade, eliminating the possibility of a loop big enough to fit over a child’s head.
• Cord cleats safely secure cords up and away from a child’s reach.

BBCS and our manufacturers are equally committed to the advancement of window covering safety features. Our BBCS franchise owners continue to educate themselves on safety issues as regards the window treatments we offer, so they can be a valuable resource to you and your business.

Complete the inquiry form online at or call (866) 279-3253 to locate the BBCS Consultant nearest you. Your business will be in good hands to get the latest safety and style advice for creating beautiful and safe window treatments whether you have one storefront or a network of locations.

To learn more about National Window Covering Safety Month, visit the Window Covering Safety Council or U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.