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Enhance Your Business with Graphic Roller Shades

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Decision making can be difficult when it comes to owning a business. From picking the perfect location to the right paint color, it is important for you to make choices that will benefit your business. When it comes to commercial window coverings, it might seem like a simple choice to make but, in all honesty, choosing the right window treatments can actually enhance your business.

Enhance your business with custom graphic roller shades
Enhance your business with custom graphic roller shades

Enhance Your Brand
The best commercial window covering to enhance your image is a graphic roller shade. Graphic roller shades are an easy way to promote brand awareness by printing photos of your product in action, your logo, or brand messaging, directly on to your window shade. Graphic roller shades allow you to have total control of your message to your audience. They are an ideal choice if you want custom shades that will be unique to your business. Graphic shades are high-quality and can be custom color matched to ensure that your logo meets your brand standards, and that messaging is sharp and easy for your audience to see. They will allow for an eye-catching uniform look for your business. This in return expands your brand awareness by incorporating your graphic roller shade as a business strategy.

Graphic roller shades are not only limited to retail businesses, they will also work for schools, libraries, government institutions, and restaurant industries. Graphic roller shades can support any restaurant by blocking the sun’s glare for your customers inside as well as entice customers to come in by featuring delectable menu items on the shade. No matter what type of business you have, graphic roller shades can send a message for brand recognition to customers with a logo, or touch hearts and minds with an inspirational message. Since your graphic roller shades will act like another piece of advertising, they can help businesses cut back on the costs of other advertising materials. If there is a limit on the amount of signage you can have in your store front area, graphic roller shades can double-up as a window treatment and a street-view marketing communication that will benefit your business.

The more you have your logo or messaging visible to the customer, the more it will help them with brand recognition. Whether you have one or two locations or even a chain of locations, BB Commercial Solutions (BBCS) services are widely available throughout the United States and Canada, helping to keep all your establishments looking uniform and protecting your brand with consistency.

Graphic shades with your logo and inspirational quotes can help inspire
Graphic shades with your logo and inspirational quotes can help inspire and motivate your patrons

More Benefits of Graphic Roller Shades
Graphic roller shades are a popular type of window covering that will help benefit your business in multiple ways. Roller shades are low-maintenance and easy to take care of which is less work for the business owner. Also, they are customizable and can be made to fit any size or shaped window. It’s not unusual for commercial buildings to have extremely large or hard-to-reach windows, and your graphic shades can easily be motorized for the ultimate in convenience. Motorization provides the safety factor of cordless operation if there will be children visiting your establishment.

Another great benefit of graphic roller shades is they allow you to save on energy expenses because they block solar heat gain which benefits the owner and the customers. The shades will keep your customers more comfortable, preventing them from becoming too hot or too cold, and owners can save up to 30%* in energy costs. Roller shades help protect your merchandise, furnishings and customers, making everyone happy. Additionally, BBCS offers graphic roller shades that are fire retardant or antimicrobial which will keep your business up to par with government safety standards.

Graphic roller shades can help promote your business
No matter what type of industry, graphic roller shades can help promote your business

Enhance Your Business Today
Graphic shades can be used for any commercial industry from restaurant to hospitality to hotels to healthcare to schools, government, office and condo and retail. Let BBCS, the North American leader in commercial window coverings, help you enhance your business today. Call (866) 279-3253 or visit

*BBCS products vary in their energy efficiency. Ask your Consultant for more details.