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Why Energy-Efficient Window Coverings Make Good Business Sense

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Energy costs have been steadily on the rise year after year, impacting the bottom line of businesses. As a business owner, I’m sure you would love to see lower energy bills, but never running the air conditioner or heater is just not smart business sense. Everyone loves to save money and live more comfortably. Knowing how to improve the energy efficiency of your building can help.

Your business and your commercial building may not only be home to you and your employees, but can also be place where members of the community (your customers) frequent. If your business is serving the general public, you want the surroundings to be not only functional, but also comfortable and safe, so that customers will visit more often and stay longer to enjoy your services. Safe and comfortable environments also make work places more productive, leading to happier employees and less absenteeism – which is all good news for your bottom line.

BB Commercial Solutions® (BBCS) offers window covering solutions that help make business environments more energy efficient by maintaining temperatures, as temperature can greatly impact how customers and employees respond.

• Have you ever visited a restaurant that was too cold and uncomfortable to sit in and enjoy a meal that you won’t ever eat there again?
• Or have you stopped patronizing your favorite retail store because it is so hot and stuffy inside that it makes shopping an unenjoyable experience?
• Do you find that your employees tend to nod off after their lunch break when the temperatures get too warm?
• Does your front office, reception area, or conference room become an extreme environment: sauna or sub-zero freezer?
• Does UV glare drive your customers away and make your employees miserable?

Although these examples may sound a bit extreme, they’re really not. Many business owners haven’t thought to take sunlight control seriously and it may inadvertently be having a negative effect on your business, minimizing comfort, slowing productivity, and increasing expenses.

Solar shades block hot and harmful UV rays
Solar shades block hot and harmful UV rays to ensure customers will have a pleasurable dining experience while enjoying the outside view

The right window coverings can make your business more energy efficient

Many modern buildings have walls of windows to let in beneficial sunlight, providing a positive powerful effect on health, impacting mood, alertness and sleep habits. However, an expanse of windows can also generate excessive heat during the hot summer months and cold, chilly environments during the winter, driving up energy costs as you strive to maintain a comfortable temperature in your building year round.

The U.S. Department of Energy projects that heat gain and loss can be reduced by 25% with window treatments that are properly designed to be energy saving. By neutralizing temperatures with window coverings, it will lessen the need of running the heat and air conditioning, saving on energy costs. By blocking sun and glare, reducing temperature exchanges from the outside, and protecting furniture, artwork, equipment, products and inventory from harmful UV rays, your workplace will become more energy efficient.

A variety of window treatments improve energy efficiency include:
Solar Shades block up to 99% of sun’s heat and glare and are one of the best ways to reduce energy costs
Roller Shades have room-darkening properties, are easy to use, and come in infinite choices of colors and fabrics to match the décor and style of your business
• Graphic Shades have similar energy saving properties as roller shades and solar shades, and are a great way to provide messaging and branding for your business
Window film and tinting significantly cuts energy costs, provides UV protection, privacy, and added security
Blinds from BB Commercial Solutions block the sun when they are closed, and are flame retardant and certified green to meet commercial business standards
Shutters are extremely insulating and super stylish, and can be custom made to fit specially shaped windows
Drapes can be light filtering or room darkening to block the sun. They add style, privacy and extra insulation to your windows.

Each of these window covering solutions can improve the energy efficiency of your business when used as a stand-alone window treatment or paired together. For added efficiency, motorized blinds and shades provide effortless protection from the sun’s heat and glare, as they can be set on timers to open and close at desired times of the day, or on sensors that automatically respond to temperatures.

Graphic shades provide exceptional branding
Graphic shades provide exceptional branding for your business excellent light-filtering protection

BBCS: North America’s leader in commercial window coverings 

Whether you have only one storefront, or have a national chain of stores, BBCS is your one-stop shop for commercial window treatments. We have over 1,000 authorized commercial window coverings specialists throughout the U.S. and Canada that can service all your locations and ensure consistency and quality.
• BBCS provides window covering solutions that can reduce your energy costs up to 30%*.
• Our products meet LEED (green certification), ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and NFPA 701 (National Fire Protection Agency) standards.
• Our clients include: Subway, Marriott Suites, Chase, Gold’s Gym, Super Cuts, Travel Centers of America and Walgreens, to name just a few.
• We partner with the biggest names in the commercial window coverings to offer the largest selection of products, including Levolor, SWFcontract, Bali, Mariak, Phifer and Graber.

Talk with a BB Commercial Solutions professional today about which products are the best solution for your commercial and business needs by calling (866) 279-3253 or by filling out the inquiry form at

*BBCS products vary in their energy efficiency, anti-microbial, fire retardant and green make-up. Inquire with your BBCS consultant for more information.

Green Window Treatments are Good for the Environment and Businesses

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The green revolution, or the environmental sustainability movement, has taken almost every industry by storm. Everyone is trying to find the best way to make their business eco-friendly and environmentally healthy. The window coverings industry has just received a major upgrade to their green window treatments in the form of BB Commercial Solutions and their partner Phifer’s new Ecolibrium solar shades.

Ecolibrium solar shades are one of, if not the most, technologically advanced green window treatments available on the market today. Everything about this shade is based around providing the most environmentally sustainable window treatment possible. It is constructed with environmentally sustainable bio-based plasticizers instead of the normal environmentally destructive PVC compounds. The construction process is even more eco-friendly than previous solar shades. Not only do these shades use eco-friendly materials, but the entire process to make these green window treatments emits 40% less greenhouse gasses than the construction process for normal solar shades. Just in case you didn’t catch that, 40% less harmful toxins are being released into the air when Ecolobrium shades are being built!

As if their environmentally sustainable materials and their eco-friendly construction process wasn’t enough, these ground-breaking green window treatments also have the energy saving eco-friendliness that comes standard with all solar shades. Solar shades are renowned for providing a comfortable room temperature and atmosphere with their heat blocking construction. They allow a soft warm glow of natural sunlight to filter through without the accompanying heat, which makes these shades the perfect window accessory for businesses looking to lower their bottom line.

Available in all the same colors, patterns, and textures that are available for normal solar shades, Ecolibrium solar shades are the perfect window treatment for any business that is trying to do their part in reducing their carbon footprint while saving themselves some money on energy bills to boot. The stylish boost that these shades provide for any setting is enough to gain them critical acclaim, add that to their environmentally friendly aspects and you get one of the best window treatments on the market today. Give BB Commercial Solutions a call today to get the green revolution started in your building!


Three Reasons why your Business should Consider Installing Solar Shades

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Commercial solar shades have many advantages. Choosing only three features to stand out is almost as difficult as deciding what color you want them in! Three of the most important reasons you should consider the installation of solar window shades are the reduction of solar heat gain, their eco-friendly construction, and their ability to adapt to any interior design and décor.

Reduce solar heat gain
…without sacrificing your outside view. Solar shades are green in more ways than one; not only can you get them in whatever shade of green you wish, but these shades use the environmentally friendly form of the word green as well! If used properly and regularly, solar window shades can help to lower a building’s monthly energy bill by providing a comfortable work environment without as much use from air conditioning or cooling systems.

Eco-friendly construction
Budget Blinds’ partner for window shades, Phifer, just released their groundbreaking SheerWeave Ecolibrium™ shades that are built using bio-based plasticizers that give a whole new meaning to green window treatments. Not only are these shades made with environmentally sustainable materials, but the process in which they are made emits 40% less greenhouse gas emissions than normal solar shades! To add to the legacy of these revolutionary shades, Phifer SheerWeave® interior sun control fabrics are the first shades to be certified by the Greengaurd Environmental Institute for superior indoor air quality performance. Not only are these shades GEI certified, but they may also grant you LEED credits toward your LEED certification. These groundbreaking shades are made using new materials and with an entirely new construction process but they still maintain the look and feel that you know and love from regular solar shades.

Stylistic advantages
Even without their eco-friendly aspects and their ability to provide fantastic indoor air temperature and quality; the dynamic selections of color, pattern and texture make solar window shades an interior decorators dream for your company’s décor.

BB Commercial Solutions will work with you from consultation to installation of your window coverings. A BB Commercial Solutions stylist/consultant will come to your office and discuss your options before measuring the windows so that your treatments will fit perfectly. Once measurements have been taken your coverings will be custom made and installed by a team of trained BB Commercial Solutions technicians. The hardest part you will have to undertake is deciding which color will match best with your office interior!


Control Light and Temperature in your Commercial Space with Solar Shades

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30 percent of money spent on energy bills is going to waste according to the California Energy Commission. 30 percent. That's how much heating and cooling costs are lost through the windows and doors of a particular building. To put this number more in perspective, think of it this way; the amount of energy that America loses through windows and doors is roughly equivalent to the amount of energy that we receive from the oil carried through the Alaska pipeline!

One environmentally friendly way to cut back on energy loss is to institute the use of solar shades. These window coverings have been specifically designed to allow sunlight to filter through while allowing only minimal heat gain. Phifer SheerWeave® solar shades are built using any number of materials that, when woven together, create a beautiful design element that can manage solar heat gain masterfully.

Solar window shades are a popular choice in all industries for their ability to soften light, heat, and glare while also providing a happy medium between allowing full sunlight or no sunlight. Solar window shades also solve the common window covering problem of sacrificing the outside view for light and heat blockage. These shades are opaque enough to see through to the outside! Roller and cellular shades are also both great when it comes to shutting out sunlight, but with these two options you have to sacrifice your outside view. Solar shades give you control over room temperature and natural light while still allowing a view through the opaque weaves. Solar screens and shades can be found in both the residential and commercial sectors used in various ways to achieve the best window covering effect.

For optimal use of solar screens and shades, try using motorized solar shades on the exterior side of your building's windows. Heat gain will decrease dramatically if the majority of the sun's heat is redirected before it can touch the glass. With the flip of a switch or click of a remote control, you can raise and lower exterior shades and provide a comfortable environment in your restaurant, office, hospital, retail store, etc. Remember that sunlight passing through any window will add heat to a room; this is great for winter, but not so great in the summer. Solar heat gain can account for up to 30 percent or more of summer cooling requirements. Solar screens and shades can help to reduce your utility bill and in turn can help to lower your building's harmful environmental impact, all the while providing excellent control over natural light and heat entering the room!