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Don’t Be the Next Victim

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Graffiti is a cultural phenomenon that has been a major issue for trains and city property for decades, but lately the newest targets have been businesses and schools. Windows are being tagged using etching tools, paint and permanent markers which can be impossible to remove without replacing the windows. Such vandalism causes even more issues for a business, including filing insurance claims, additional expense and time lost from work. Managers, commercial property owners and business owners can all be victims of graffiti so it is important, as a business owner, to take precautions to prevent such vandalism before it happens.

BB Commercial Solutions (BBCS) has two options to guard your business from future graffiti damage.

• 3M anti-graffiti window film
• 3M security window film

Protect your business from unwanted graffiti
Protect your business from unwanted graffiti with anti-graffiti window film

Anti-graffiti Window Film
Anti-graffiti window film is one way to prevent your business from being a victim of graffiti. It is designed as a thick, clear film that is applied onto the exterior of the glass to guard against the impact of graffiti, tagging and scratches. It is available in single layer or multiple layers for additional protection. Anti-graffiti window film is offered in clear tints, one-way mirror films, daytime privacy films, decorative window films and graduated opacity to complete block-out film.

Anti-graffiti window film has many benefits for your business other than just protecting your windows. First, it will help with making a good first impression on customers. It will look nice and they won’t even notice you have protection on the windows. If you become a victim of graffiti, the film is very easy to peel off before you open the doors so your customers won’t have to see the graffiti. This can help when it comes to sales because customers will feel safe in your store and be more willing to spend their time and money there. Lastly, having anti-graffiti window film will help save you money. You won’t have to worry about replacing your windows or mirrors which can cost thousands of dollars if you have to replace them repeatedly. Because once you are a victim of vandalism, chances are you will tend to be a future target.

Anti-graffiti has multiple layers to protect your window
Anti-graffiti has multiple layers to protect your window surface

Security Window Film
Another way to protect your business from any window damage is security window film. Security window film was designed with a three-fold purpose: provide UV protection, maintain a more comfortable environment with less use of air conditioning, and containment of dangerous glass shards in the event of a window implosion. Security window film helps in case of window-shattering natural disasters by containing the broken glass pieces within the film to prevent additional damage or injuries. Security window film protects your business and offers multiple benefits including:

• Diffusing the sunlight to keep customers cool and content
• Preventing higher cost energy bills
• Protecting your customers, property and merchandise from natural disasters and damaging UV rays

Security window film helps keep glass together
Security window film helps keep glass together if there is a natural disaster or an accident

BB Commercial Solutions guards all businesses such as retail stores, public facilities, office buildings and street-level glass applications with anti-graffiti and security window films. Our goal is to protect you from expensive damage and make sure you take every precaution when it comes to your business safety.

Find out which window film options work best for your commercial needs by completing the inquiry form online at or call (866) 279-3253. BBCS also offers a full line of window coverings for business, including blinds, shades, shutters and drapery, to enhance any commercial enterprise, large or small.