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Commercial Epoxy Flooring to Enhance Your Business and Your Bottom Line

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BB Commercial Solutions™ (BBCS) is dedicated to assisting every business with high-quality products, including cabinetry, closets, window coverings and flooring solutions to help make your business the absolute best it can be. Whether you have one location or a hundred, BBCS professionals can help design the perfect floors for all your commercial needs.

Since the literal foundation of any business is its flooring, BBCS is proud to offer the toughest commercial-grade epoxy floor coatings available. Developed by Sika®, the industry leader in industrial floor coating systems for over 110 years, our exclusive PremierOne® hybrid polymer blends are the perfect solution for anything from warehouse to penthouse, with custom styles for every taste and every industry.

Modernize and upgrade office space with PremierOne floor coatings
Modernize and upgrade office space with PremierOne floor coatings that will give years of worry-free performance

Benefits for any business
BBCS’s PremierOne commercial epoxy floor coatings can improve the floors for any industry, including restaurants, hospitality, healthcare, schools, office and government buildings, condos, retail, property management and new construction. You can trust our floors to deliver beauty, durability, functionality and benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

• Withstands heat, cold and wet and dry conditions
• Warrantied against chipping, peeling, fading or stains
• Dries twice as hard as other epoxy floor coatings
• Resistant to chemicals and food and drink spills; wipes up clean with a cloth, towel or damp mop
• No strong cleaners; periodically deep clean with a mild, neutral cleanser like Simple Green
• Free of volatile organic compounds (VOC), creating a safe environment
• Reduces the buildup of allergens, dust and dirt that can cling to other flooring materials
• No need to replace every few years, an occasional resealing will keep your floors like new

Childcare centers and schools can provide more allergen-free spaces for children with easy-care, PremierOne Solids floor coatings. The sealed surface leaves no place for dust and dirt to hide, creating a healthier environment. Lunchtime and arts and crafts are no problem for this wipe-clean surface.

Custom colored floors can create excitement or serenity
Custom colored floors can create excitement or serenity, whichever you decide

This retail auto parts store will stay immaculate despite greasy parts, fluids dripped on the floor and work boots tracking in dirt and oil. The decorative textures floor will not absorb stains and will wipe clean with just a cloth or damp mop. Custom BBCS storage cabinets complete the efficiency of this business and present a high-quality, professional appearance.

Beautiful and durable, PremierOne epoxy floor coatings keep your business in tip-top shape
Beautiful and durable, PremierOne epoxy floor coatings keep your business in tip-top shape

Style for every taste
Available in five different styles, our PremierOne floor coatings range from neutral, solid color options to the brilliance of Elements or the artistic flair of Stratus. You can customize any floor with different color borders or integrated designs, as well as embedding images or logos to highlight your brand. Choose:

PremierOne® Decorative Textures dries to a smooth, glossy finish with decorative color chips that add a slight texture and anti-slip quality to the surface. Get showroom quality in 18 standard color blends with large (1/4”) or small (1/8”) chips, or customize a color blend for a unique presentation.
PremierOne® Solids is the perfect choice for a seamless, uninterrupted expanse of color for your floors. It comes in six neutral shades that can coordinate with any décor, as well as match with any of the BB Commercial Solutions custom storage cabinet finishes.
PremierOne® Stone is an ideal solution if you prefer the look of natural granite, but not the cost. 1/4” chips produce the textured, natural stone appearance of granite, available in six standard colors with the option of custom color blends.
PremierOne® Elements is also a natural-stone look, but with a crystalline shine due to the mica content of real stone chips. This floor coating contains 1/4” chips of actual shaved rock fragments with a natural sparkle for a brilliant floor that will never lose its luster.
PremierOne® Stratus flooring is unique, created from a mix of two or more colors of marbleized epoxy floor coating swirled together at install to create a one-of-a-kind abstract design. The satin-finish looks like molten metal with three-dimensional depths of color, giving an opulent appearance.


PremierOne commercial floor coatings can save you money
Part of keeping a healthy bottom line is reducing costs, including facilities maintenance and renovation. BBCS knows the importance of flooring for functionality and beautification, as well as saving money. Flooring is a big expense, and whether you have a retail establishment with hundreds of people on your floors every day, an office building with light foot traffic, or a multi-unit housing complex, you want attractive, durable floors that enhance your business but don’t require expensive maintenance or frequent replacement.

• Apartment and condo owners can save themselves lots of headaches and expense with durable PremierOne epoxy floors. For individual units or public areas like rec rooms, there’s no need to replace floor coverings every few years.
• Keeping any food service business clean and safe for customers is a challenge, and an industry-tough epoxy floor is the answer for the kitchen as well as the dining room. PremierOne floors are practically indestructible, resisting stains, spills, chips, cracks, peeling and fading, so your floors will stay beautiful for years with minimal care.
• Updating business décor can be ignored until you suddenly realize you’ve been staring at the same coffee stains on stretched and lumpy carpeting for years. Give yourself and your employees a positive lift with stylish PremierOne floors that reflect beauty and style.
• Maintenance costs go down; floors are easy care and resist mold, mildew and bacteria growth, keeping your facility cleaner. Even your accountant will smile.

This decorative texture custom color blend epoxy floor creates a dramatic impact
This decorative texture custom color blend epoxy floor creates a dramatic impact in this trendy restaurant

Make the move to quality, durable flooring that will enhance your business and improve your bottom line. Learn more about how BB Commercial Solutions can help with facilities management, including storage needs, office setups, organization and flooring. Go to at or call (866) 279-3253 to schedule an onsite appointment. We come to you with solutions you’ll love, and with our BBCS trained professionals all across North America, you’re assured of consistent quality and design for one or multiple locations.