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Top Four Window Treatments for Retirement Facilities

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With the population steadily growing and people living longer, there has naturally been a boom in retirement facilities. These facilities give the elderly the opportunity to live on their own with or without assistance. With the wide variety of retirement facility options to choose from, it is important for your facility to have the best of the best, including the right window coverings, to keep up with the competition. BB Commercial Solutions (BBCS) is giving you the top four window treatments that are suitable for any retirement facility.

1. Blinds

Retirement Facilities Blinds

Blinds are a classic window treatment that would work great in any retirement facility. BBCS carries a wide selection of horizontal and vertical blinds to meet all your facility’s needs. Horizontal blinds are available in a variety of options including real wood, durable faux wood, and ascetically pleasing fabric options, and come in slat sizes ranging from 1” to 2” depending on your preference. Vertical blinds are very versatile and ideal for sliding doors and wider windows, and come in a wide variety of PVC-free selections. We offer commercial blinds that are flame retardant as well as certified green options.

2. Shades

Retirement Facilities Shades

BBCS offers a large selection of high performing custom commercial window solutions such as shades. We offer all types of shades including:

• Cellular shades
• Roller shades
• Solar Shades
• Pleated shades
• Roman shades

Shades are an extremely popular window covering because they are easy to open and close and can easily be motorized for added convenience. And there are plenty of colors, fabrics and textures to choose from to accent any room. Shades have plenty of benefits such as protection from the sun, security and privacy, and energy efficient qualities. Shades are the ideal choice for a retirement home because they are stylish and provide your retirees with complete light control and can be easily motorized for convenience.

3. Shutters

Retirement Facilities Shutters

BB Commercial Solutions offers shutters in a wide selection of colors in hardwood and durable composite options to match any retirement facility décor. Due to their custom-fit frame and insulating design, they can control sunlight and help prevent heat loss and heat gain to help your facility save on energy costs. If you want an extremely durable and easy to clean shutter, composite shutters will be perfect for your retirement facility. Window shutters are not just beautiful; they work beautifully, too.

4. Drapery

Retirement Facilities Drapery

Normally drapery is used in a home setting, but it is important for your clients, the retirees, to feel like they are at home in your facility. Drapery is an attractive option for a retirement home because they add style, privacy and sound control. BBCS offers the largest variety of window drapes that meet commercial fire-retardant standards, and motorization can be added to make them easy to operate for employees and people with limited mobility.

Motorization is a Must

Motorization is a Must

Add more to your retirement facility with motorization or smart home automation. Both options provide your retirees and employees with effortless protection from the sun’s heat and glare. Motorization is available with almost all our BBCS products. Motorization and automation provide your retirement facility with multiple benefits such as UV protection, security, safety, privacy, as well as energy-efficiency. Motorization and automation allow your retirees and employees to control window coverings with the touch of a button, or the ability to set or program the window treatments to open and close at desired times of the day via a smart device. Lastly, motorized and automated window coverings provide a safe environment for retirees and their guests because they are cordless.

Keep Up with Industry Standards
It is important for businesses, such as healthcare facilities, to meet industry needs. BBCS partners with manufacturers who produce anti-microbial window treatments with Microban® built in. BBCS also offers fire resistant coating for any product we sell, including window coverings, bedding and fabrics, which is important for retirement facilities. In conjunction with American Flamecoat, our flame-retardant drapes, blinds, shades and shutters meet all federal, state and local fire codes. Fire-retardant coatings also meet anti-microbial standards. Using BBCS for all your window covering needs will help you meet all standards while having beautiful window treatments.

How BBCS Can Help Your Retirement Facility
As North America’s leader in commercial window coverings, BB Commercial Solutions wants to help your retirement home have the best window treatments for your retirees and employees. We want you to make the best decision when it comes to window coverings for your business. BBCS is your national one-stop shop for high-standard window treatments throughout the U.S. and Canada. Call (866) 279-3253 today to talk with a BB Commercial Solutions professional about which window covering is the best solution for retirement homes.