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    Designed to guard against the expensive impact of scratches, gouges, acid etching, tagging and normal wear and tear, anti-graffiti window film and security window films are available in single layer or multiple layer constructions and are applied directly to the surface of glass windows, doors and mirrors. Window film is offered in clear tints, one-way mirror films, daytime privacy films, decorative window films and darker to “block-out” films for added security and privacy.

    Graffiti directly victimizes homeowners, apartment managers, commercial property owners and business owners alike. A common theme among them is having locations with poor lighting, where a wall or fence is the primary form of security, and where there are few employees or passersby; this includes schools, vacant buildings, and buildings with absentee landlords. Restaurant and retail shop owners are also subject to vandals scratching or etching mirrors in public restrooms and dressing rooms, no matter the time or day. For establishments that experience any of these circumstances, BBCS recommends choosing anti-graffiti window film as a solution to help prevent intrusion and reduce the costs of vandalism, including expensive window and mirror replacement.

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