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    Security window film is no longer specific to automobile windshields; it is now also used in retail stores and office buildings alike to protect valuable merchandise from fading in the sun and to prevent shards from flying into the room in the event of a shattered window. Retail store owners are in love with protective window films because it is a workhorse window covering for any establishment. Protective film for windows serves a three-fold purpose; UV and fading protection for merchandise, a more comfortable environment with less use of air conditioning systems, and containment of dangerous glass shards in the case of a window implosion. Impact Protection Adhesive is a type of caulking system that anchors the security film to the window frames, in the case of a window shattering event all of the glass shards will be contained within the film to prevent any further damage or injuries. Security window film installation is a practical solution for providing your place of business with protection; protection for your merchandise, protection from the sun, and it can even help protect your wallet from high energy bills!